Task forces

IT & Data sharing

PCM Task force Chair: Michele Masucci

The objective is to collect and disseminate information on ongoing developments within data sharing and informatics for PCM, both on a local level and in a broader international context. The purposes are to monitor, facilitate and engage in projects that forward the capacity for data collection, analysis and visualization within the context of clinical PCM trials.

Completed activities and achieved results

Development and implementation of an online decision support platform, an MTB-portal, for molecular profiling, used during weekly tumor boards for inclusion of patients to the CCE BoB clinical trial. A public version of the tool that does not collect patient data has been made available. Comment in Nature Medicine are to be published, main author David Tamborero.

Local startup of a CCE initiated cohort study of BRCA 1 and 2 somatically mutated pan-cancer patients. The purpose is to test data sharing methods for CCE.

Survey of the necessary process and requirements for ISO certification and CE licensing of software used in a routine clinical setting. The process for certification of the MTB portal is initiated.

Future planning

Disseminate the MTB-portal in a local context in collaboration with GMCK and within GMS. Coordination with planned PCM clinical trials in the local context that could make use of the MTB portal. Set up of local data collection infrastructure of clinical data and molecular diagnostics data to serve local projects and trials.

Information and advice to local PCM researchers on the data infrastructure.

Regular focus groups with end users to continuously survey needs within PCM research and match with existing solutions and role models globally. Disseminate results to key decision makers.

Authoring “white papers” collecting experiences and proposed solutions for methods for data collection, management and visualization within PCM research.

Continuous participation and work with the CCE efforts in data sharing.

Production of tutorial for researchers on legal, ethical and technical aspects of PCM.