Final Report: PCM Report – Imaging

Investigator: Chikako Suzuki

The aim of this report is to highlight the current status of and challenges for “imaging” group related issues in relation to the Personalized Cancer Medicine (PCM) program at Karolinska Institutet (KI) as well as Karolinska University Hospital (KS, NKS).

For the PCM program, there are several major aspects related to imaging, 1. Oncological Imaging for diagnosis and for monitoring tumor response to the treatment, 2. Biopsy and Minimal Interventional Treatment, 3. Clinical Trial Imaging, 4. Experimental and Innovative Imaging and 5. Standardized Archiving and Reporting (Figure 1).

Among them, the Biopsy and Minimal Interventional Treatment is expected to play a critically important role in PCM for various analyses, for clinical decision support, for biomarker driven treatments, for biobanking and radiogenomics in the future (1-7). However, in the current situation we should admit that the capacity of Biopsy and Minimal Interventional Treatment has limitations due to shortage of dedicated radiologists/interventionists and dedicated facilities in NKS.

Other aspects have already been partly established in the department of diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine and experimental research & imaging unit (KERIC). However, some changes are required in order to accommodate PCM. One example is increased collaboration with other PCM research groups.